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  1. Plural of sketch


  1. third-person singular of sketch

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Sketch may refer to:
Drawing and other visual arts
  • Sketch (drawing), a drawing or other composition that is not intended as a finished work, but a preliminary exploration.
  • SketchUp, a 3D modeling program.
  • iSketch, an online drawing game.
  • Sketch 3D, a program for producing line drawings of two or three-dimensional solid objects and scenes in the PSTricks and Portable Graphics Format.
  • Skencil, a vector-based graphics program formerly called Sketch and released under the GNU Free License.
  • Multi-Sketch, unscripted improv sketching using a Tablet PC or digitizing tablet.
Literature and entertainment
  • Sketch (literature), a literary art form that flourished in the nineteenth century, often plotless, or sometimes a very brief short story of the type today called flash fiction.
  • Sketch comedy, a series of short comedic performances called sketches.
People and characters
  • Daily Sketch, a defunct British newspaper.
  • Sketch (restaurant), a restaurant, bar, and art gallery in central London.
  • Sketch, a word similar in meaning to "that's bad" or "ugh."
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